For full information on Trinity Energy Progression, including how it originated and what it does, watch the video by Angela Coulter, Originator.  

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I am trained in Trinity Energy Progression, Reiki, and various energetic and movement modalities. I provide consciousness expansion, healing facilitation, and intuitive guidance, which helps others access their own divine potential.  I love being able to embrace and teach the limitless possibilities and pure potential that we all have!

I offer two different Trinity classes:

  Trinity One: Self-Mastery Class  

  Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class

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Sandy Anthony

Dawn of a New Dance

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I've taken several trips to Mt Shasta, California and have had an extraordinary experience each time.  It's such a magical place with powerful energy!  Every encounter is profound. Mt Shasta also holds a huge energy vortex. Life flows beautifully and meditations are out of this world. Close your eyes and connect to the energy of the mountain. Feel the peace for yourself. ♥

We live in an exciting age of enlightenment and expansion!  I am so grateful to be living on the earth at the present time to help others discover their inner light and personal power.  I have been fascinated with energy healing and expanded consciousness for many years and have always been drawn to help others progress in some way, shape or form.  So it was a natural progression for me to become a Life Empowerment Coach and Healing Facilitator!

what is trinity energy progression?

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Trinity Energy Progression™ is a simple yet powerful process which deepens an individual’s connection to their own Divine Consciousness