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individual sessions

What a session may be able to help you with:

Sandy Anthony

Dawn of a New Dance

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  • Renew & rejuvenate your life
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Harmonize and balance your body, mind and spirit

I offer one-on-one energy sessions, which encompasses healing, coaching, intuitive guidance, visualization, meditation, and guided imagery.

Energy is everywhere and is everything.  We are all made of energy.  Our thoughts, feelings and intentions are made up on energy too.  Energy healing can release blocks stored in the energy fields and help bring one's body back into an optimal state of function and well-being.  It can help one move beyond cycles of dysfunction and disease in ways that modern medicine and traditional psychology can not touch.

I can customize a session to fit your needs and help you to heal the core underlying issues that cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunction.  I listen intently with an open mind and heart, with love and without judgment.  The intention is always for what's highest and best.

  • Reduce limiting and unhealthy patterns
  • Rejuvenate your chakras
  • Reduce grief, trauma and physical distress
  • Mental clarity and relaxation

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