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Wanna come dance with us?  Do you feel you have no rhythm or coordination?  Think again!

Zumba and Magical Movement Classes

How I Found My Groove

I was introduced to dance in my youth and quit early due to an embarrassing and humiliating situation.  I had a positive encounter with it in JHS when I was cast in the "Rock-N-Roll" musical. I loved every minute of it!  In HS, I signed up for Contemporary Dance was very scared.

I was NOT a natural at dancing!  In fact, I felt very awkward and struggled for a long time. I decided to stick with it and eventually I found my rhythm. It became an energy outlet for me and a reason to get up in the morning. It also became one of my life's passions!  The connection I felt to music was incredibly powerful. I didn't understand why, but I knew I must keep dancing! 

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come dance with us

Experience Joy & Freedom!

Dance is a wonderful way to open up and connect to fun and freedom!  It is a way to transform your life and empower yourself in ways that are unimaginable. Dance can take us to another world and become a journey to self-empowerment. We ALL have this flow. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Maya Angelou.  "Everything in the universe has rhythm.  Everything dances."  This means that YOU have rhythm.  Maybe you need a little help discovering it and getting it going.  Join me for an invigorating Zumba Class or a Magical Movement Class.  I will help you find your groove and your own personal flow.  Step into the magic and let me help you awaken that spark! 

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