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My name is Sandy Anthony and welcome to Dawn Of A New Dance!  I am excited to share with you what I love to do with my life and what has helped me heal.  It truly inspires me!


I reside in Fate, Texas, a beautiful place with wide open skies. I love being outdoors and I frequently visit the local parks.  There's something very special about connecting to nature. 

As a young child, I felt connected and was a natural intuitive.  I looked for God in everyone and everything.  My innate love for people carried me throughout life and I am now deepening and expanding my awareness.

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Sandy Anthony

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Sandy is trained/experienced in a number of modalities and practices.  Each one has helped her live her best life!  Sandy is a Life Empowerment Coach, Healing Facilitator, and therapeutic movement instructor. She can help you harmonize and balance any area of your life, using energy to move past blocks and tap into unlimited potential.  She loves to help others transform their lives! 

Sandy uses various techniques to optimize energy and help one come into vibrational alignment. Energy is everywhere and in everything.  Even our thoughts, feelings and intentions are made of energy. Everyone has the ability to use it to improve their daily lives. Sandy sees life as a dance and dance as a metaphor for life. She aims to be the BEST she can be everyday and helps others do the same.